Island Acupuncture & Assoc.

2022 Rate Change





To my Valued Clients, 

What a few years it has been!  While we hopefully all have found added time for family, it goes without saying that we have all had to overcome many challenges as of late.   Whether its visually seeing less faces, quarantining with fewer social interactions, or dealing with an elevated level of anxiety and fear around an elusive illness, it has undoubtedly been a challenge for us all. 

Throughout it all, our Acupuncturist however, has made the most of that downtime by continuing her education and training.  Tammy has advanced her training with online classes in the use of an Acugraph,  new micro-needling and laser tools, a Rapid Release Technique tool, and has also taken ongoing courses in musculoskeletal dysfunction, Covid-19 prevention and treatment, herbal medicine compounding and safety and more!

 As you all are aware however, the pandemic has also brought with it increased production costs, shipping delays, and difficulty accessing product all of which have caused increases in costs to the consumers and business owners.  Here at Island Acupuncture, we have done our best to maintain our pricing structure throughout to lessen the burden to our clients at a time when our immune systems most definitely need to encounter less stress!

 The time has come however that we can no longer maintain our operations without an increase in our prices.  Effective March 1, 2022, our Initial client visit will increase to $200 and our follow up visit cost will be $125. 

 We thank you for your patronage and promise that we will continue to do everything we can to help you improve your health and well-being despite these new and ongoing challenges! 

 In good health,


Tammy Belanger, Lic.Ac., MAc., OTR/L, CEAS

Owner, Island Acupuncture & Assoc., Inc.