Island Acupuncture & Assoc.


There are very few, if any, that can lay claim to predicting the pandemic of 2020.  Next to no one could have dreamed that life as we knew it would change in an instant, and that our new reality would be filled with so many unknowns.  Here at Island Acupuncture we have worked extremely hard to bring you a level of comfort as you begin to venture back into our new "normal". 

As you enter our clinic, you will see a new set of safety precautions (See "New Covid Procedure" page).  Our clinic is equipped with two sinks for easy hand washing, as well as plenty of hand sanitizer throughout.  Each treatment room and our bathroom is now equipped with 24/7 UV-C and HEPA filters, on top of our entire office HEPA system, and our laundry and trash facilities have also been updated to no-contact and covered for your protection.  We have a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol with "Covid approved" cleaners that we will be using between each client, and we have reduced the number of clients we see daily to allow for extra "air time" and filtration in treatment rooms.  We have purchased new chairs for ease of cleaning as well as added waterproof protection for our treatment tables and pillows.  Our clinic will also be equipped with lots of visual reminders for hand washing, cough etiquette, safe mask use and social distancing. 

Many are asking if we are anxious about returning to work.  Our answer is easily "NO"!  28 years of medical training in hospitals, out-patient clinics, home care and nursing home settings have prepared us well for the use of universal precautions, personal protective equipment, safe hand washing, clean techniques and safe disinfection procedures.  Combine this with our own regime of self help herbal supplentation and immune building techniques and we are excited to get back to doing what we do best! 

We hope these measures will help you feel more confident knowing that we are doing everything in our power to keep you healthy and safe.  My biggest fear is that my clients wont recognize us in our new scrubs and face masks!  Look forward to seeing you soon!!!