Island Acupuncture & Assoc.

Products available

imageHere at Island Acupuncture, we carry several products for optimizing your health and improving your well-being.  We carry  topical "CBD Clinic" for pain, various herbal formulas and homeopathic remedies for immunity, allergies, stress relief, cold/flu prevention and treatment, menopause and sleep to name a few.  We also carry vitamins for increasing ones immunity during a pandemic and for cold/flu season.  We carry "Ear seed Kits" for weight loss, stress, anxiety, low back pain/sciatica, insomnia and menopause.  We also are able to order herbal formulas to fit your current Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and we have re light lasers to teach you how to treat your acupuncture points on your own.  Please call us at (508)228-6898 with any questions as many products can be ordered and shipped from our suppliers same day!  Curbside pickup also available for locals of in-house products.